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Recruiter Reach

Assisted Resume Display Services

Make sure you are updated on the most relevant job vacancies available on Timesjobs and other sources. This ensures that relevant jobs always reach you and get your attention that you otherwise might have escaped your attention.

Key Features
1. Job hunting and sharing
Stay updated on all current and relevant job openings! Our experienced staff personally updates you on all new jobs out in the market.
2. Personalized and expert assistance
Detailed telephonic discussion with our Resume Display experts to gather relevant jobs across multiple sources and sharing them with you regularly.
3. We'll do your Interview Homework.
Once you receive interview calls, we share the information on Interviewer's background and Company from various public sources.


Total Price: Rs.


Resume Display - Frequently Asked Questions
What is Resume Display Service?

Resume Display (Resume Display Management) service works as your Relationship Manager providing tailored value addition at every step of your job seeking - right from Resume Display to company research. Resume Display is equipped to efficiently manage your job hunt so that you reach your career goals effortlessly.

Do you also provide Resume Display services for jobs outside India?

No, we do not. Currently, we provide job vacancies for jobs within India only.

Why should I avail this service and what are the benefits?

Our team of experienced professionals who come from HR/ Recruitment background works as your Relationship Manager. The benefits offered are: The Relationship Manager searches for the verified job vacancies relevant to your profile, and shares them with you regularly. They also help you in interview preparation by providing Interviewer's background and Company's details - as available on the public domain.