The applicant shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of the data/information contained in their E-Profile and undertakes to indemnify of all costs and consequences arising out of any incorrect information provided by him to

The service once subscribed to by the applicant is not refundable & non-transferable and all amount(s) paid shall stand appropriated. In case of payment by Credit Card, no charge back shall be accepted by In case of payment by cheques, reserves the right to provide service after realization of the Cheque amount. In the event of the dishonour of the cheque, an additional cost by way of service cost of Rs.150 shall become immediately payable and the applicant agrees to pay the same together with interest payable @ rate of 2% per month from the date the said payment fell due till date of its realization together with all costs related to its realization. will commence providing services only upon receipt of e-profile soft copy and amount/charges upfront either from applicant or from a third party on behalf of the applicant.

The liability, if any, of is limited to extent of the amount paid by the applicant. "All Disputes and Differences whatsoever arising out of or in relation to the contract or order of Service, a billing correction therewith or otherwise or breach thereof shall be referred for resolution to a competent person appointed by at its sole discretion. The said Arbitration shall be conducted in terms of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 together with all statutory amendments made thereto. The Award made in pursuance thereof shall be final and binding on all the parties. The seat and venue of Arbitration shall be New Delhi and shall be governed by the Applicable laws of India."

These terms and conditions are subject to change with or without prior intimation. Service buyer is bound by all the terms & conditions mentioned on the website.

Saturday, Sunday and Bank holidays are not to be counted as working days.

These terms and conditions are subject to change with or without prior intimation. The applicant agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of endeavours to render service on schedule. However, also reserves the right to decline, change or reschedule provision of any service notwithstanding the acceptance of the order by our representative or even if payment for the service has been collected by us.